It Has Been Some Time Since My Last Blog

May 27th, 2017 Posted by blog 0 thoughts on “It Has Been Some Time Since My Last Blog”

You can likely tell that it has been some time since my first post before I left for the National Broadcasting Convention (NRB) in Orlando in late February. The period since then has been both hectic since my book was released on the first of April as well as a time of redirection where I have been waiting on the Lord.

While I was at NRB, I asked the Lord for someone who could translate my book into Spanish. I stopped by Stan and Rhoda Jeter’s booth who are missionaries to Cuba and they put me in contact with Javier Bolaños from Costa Rico who agreed to do the translation. I am also helping him set up an audio/video studio in his home to create podcasts for ministries in his area.

I have also been working with Isoa Kanaveilomani and his wife Eta, missionaries to Fiji. They are currently here in Seattle changing their passport status so they can get some more training before returning to Fiji.

My Christian writer’s group sponsored a conference earlier this month where I met David and Lisa Mitts, two Hebrew Christians who sponsor a Sabbath worship service. I have been attending this service since the conference and will be going with them to Israel for the Jubilee Feast of Tabernacles this fall.

As the marketing load has wound down, the Lord has been urging me to seek Him more and more through prayer, fasting and studying His word. I want to deepen my personal relationship with Him so I can know better when He is leading me so I can follow; better recognize His voice so I can hear in my spirit when He speaks to me; and better be able to see Him doing the things He sees His Father doing so I can respond in faith.

After neglecting the blog posts on my webpage for over two months, I am ready to start writing again.  May the Lord richly bless you, :o)  Bill

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